Teen Patti | Play Indian Card Game
We give free chips every day; chips are sent automatically. Login every day to get the free chips. Or you when you select Chips icon, there is also a link to “Get free chips.” The option to “Get free chips” is not available for all the phones.
The card distribution is completely random. It is just plain luck who gets what cards. Teen Patti requires luck, skill and judgement. Some players are very smart. It is advised that you should play with caution.
  1. If you are losing continuously on a table, you should change the table.
  2. Do not play with same group of people. May be they are telling each other their cards. We wish you best of luck.
To get your Teen Patti id number, make sure that you have the latest version of Teen Patti. Click the Settings icon. In About, you will get your Teen Patti id. To get your fb id, in a browser open the web page www.facebook.com. Login with your username and password. On your Facebook page, click your name. Copy the link and send it to us.
When you play Teen Patti, a lot of information is continuously stored on your phone. This requires spare memory in your phone. Try this:
  • Install the latest version of Teen Patti,
  • Delete some apps that you do not require,
  • When using Teen Patti make sure to stop apps running in the background.
If the problem is not solved, please understand that your device has low memory, there is hardly anything we can do.
There can be many reasons for this problem. It can be due your phone or the internet connection. Our Teen Patti is a very stable app and we work 24/7 to keep our servers working. Even if the fault happened due to Teen Patti or its servers, you must take it as a part of the game. We do not compensate any user.
You must understand that millions of user join Teen Patti every day. Some resort to all possible tricks to win. For us, it is not possible to 100 per cent control or block such activities. We do not compensate any user. It is your own responsibility to be careful.
  • You must be aware of the pot limit, and
  • When you take the side show, the opponent may tell your cards to other players.
You can purchase chips only through Google Play, iTunes Store or Facebook with your credit card. If your purchase is accepted, you will get a purchase order with date and time of purchase. You will receive chips in the same account that you used while making the purchase. If you did not get the chips within 24 hours, register you complain at support@octro.com and provide the purchase order, date and time and your Teen Patti or Facebook id number.
If you did not get the purchase order, in most cases your order was not accepted. You can not use Debit card (except HDFC debit card) or ATM for the purchase. If amount has be debited to your account, wait for 2 or 3 days and the amount will be credited back to your account.

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